Hindsight in 20/20 in Financial Planning

We all have some things we would have liked to differently in hindsight, especially as it relates to our finances. That might be especially true in 2020 as we all deal with difficult circumstances due to COVID-19. Here are some things we might hear about our planning decisions in hindsight.

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How Will The Stock Market React To The 2020 Election?

Many people believe that whoever is in the Presidential office has a direct correlation to how the stock market performs. Today Chris is here to debunk some common misconceptions about the relationship between the stock market and political matters.

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Mailbag: Online Retirement Calculator, Diversification, Feeling Behind On Saving

Today episode is dedicated to answering some email questions that we have received in the mailbag. We'll cover how accurate online retirement calculators are, having diversification in your portfolio, and the importance of being able to generate income in retirement.

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