Where Does My Financial Knowledge Come From

Have you ever stopped to think about your journey of learning all that you have about money and finances? Did you parents shape your financial views most heavily? Is there a TV or radio expert that has influenced you most? Or have you learned everything from a book or Google?

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Lessons from the Market Crash Hall of Fame

Everyone wants to know when the next market crash is going to happen, but there’s no one with that answer. The better question is what can you do to be prepared for that next crash? Let’s take a look back at the worst crashes in market history and what lessons they taught us about planning.

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Are Variable Annuities a Bad Investment?

You’ll probably find that advisors have varying opinions when it comes to annuities, but variable annuities might have the worst reputation of them all. Today we’ll tell you why variable annuities aren’t usually a good investment and why Chris rarely uses them in portfolios he builds.

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