WEBINAR: Profit $olved – The Changing Landscape of Small Business and How To Position Your Business for Massive Profits and Wealth

Five Takeaways:1. Simple, Proven, and HIGHLY effective system for managing cash. 2. One SIMPLE accounting change that literally changes everything 3. How to Leverage your current habits to become a cash machine 4. How to permanently eliminate wasteful spending 5. How to GUARANTEE you actually see AND feel your profitsICYMI - you can watch the webinar [...]

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What is Fiduciary?

The following is the definition from www.dictionary.com:A person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.Fiduciary is an interesting word in the financial planning arena. Many financial professionals throw the word around loosely and claim to be a fiduciary or have the client’s best interest at heart. I think actions speak [...]

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Patterson Financial Evolution & New Partnership Announcement

As many of you are aware several years ago Patterson CPA Group registered as an investment advisor with the State of Florida, our goal then, as it is as now, is to provide clients with objective investment opportunities that you cannot receive from other advisors.We believe that as a CPA firm we are uniquely positioned [...]

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DEAR CLIENTS - IF YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL DO NOT CLICK ON IT OR TAKE ANY ACTION...THIS IS AN EMAIL SCAM. THIS IS THE EMAIL THE HACKERS ARE SENDING:Subject: Your IRS Data Require Immediate Action[IRS Logo]Dear IRS User, This is an Important Message regarding your IRS Filing, from the previous year and current year. Our system indicates you have [...]

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