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It seems like the opinions on annuities vary from person to person. Some think they’re a great investment tool while others disagree strongly.

As with everything, the truth probably lies somewhere in between but no investment is perfect. There’s give and take with every decision and annuities are no different.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this from clients so we wanted to provide as much information as possible on the podcast. So this episode will be all about annuities. We’ll tell you about the three primary types (one which we do not like at all), the pros and cons to consider, and the type of person that might benefit from an annuity.

If you have any questions about what we discuss or want to see how an annuity would fit inside your plan, please schedule a meeting with us and we’ll help you make that decision.

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3:42 – The different types of annuities starting with Fixed

4:44 – Variable

6:54 – Fixed Index Annuity

10:00 – Pros and cons

15:11 – Performance during bull and bear markets

21:58 – Who is an annuity good for?

26:26 – Chris works with clients quite a bit on this


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Many of our clients ask about annuities and whether they’re a good option to create income in retirement. If you’re in that same position, you’ll want to hear our detailed breakdown of this product, the pros and cons, and who would be a good fit for an annuity.