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Imagine you’re planning a family vacation. Do you get your kids involved in the planning process and the budget or do you make the decision on your own?

Every parent approaches money differently and there are pros and cons for having your children be a part of the financial decisions. On this episode of the podcast, we’ll find out what Chris thinks about this topic and what kind of conversations he has with his kids about money.

We all do our best as parents and this is just one of the many challenging issues that face us. Hopefully this conversation can help you next time money comes up in your house.

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1:28 – What role Chris’ parents played in his view of money?

4:18 – Getting kids involved

8:50 – Treating each child differently

11:35 – Arguments against getting kids involved

14:02 – Dangers of today’s technology

16:57 – Have clients shared tips?


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