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After a long bull run, 2020 brought us another major downturn in the market as the pandemic set in across the country.

That was a significant crash and reinforced many of the planning principles we follow. Combine that with what we’ve learned from the worst market crashes of all-time and you can get your finances prepared for the next crash. We might not know when that’s going to be but we history has shown us that it’s only a matter of time.

Join us as we look back over these major events and the lessons we can take from each of them.

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2:10 – Crazy start to 2021 with Gamestop and other market news

5:03 – Black Tuesday

9:10 – Dot Com Crash

13:11 – September 17, 2001

15:57 – The 2008 crash

21:56 – What does the future hold?


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