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In this technology age, we’ve all become accustomed to products becoming outdated. Well, retirement planning is similar in the sense that ideas become obsolete over time as conditions change.

Today we’ll look at a handful of retirement rules of thumb and financial planning ideas that might have been very useful at one point but don’t work quite as well now.

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3:18 – Trump’s capital gain tax proposal

7:35 – Obsolete planning discussion begins with the 4% rule

9:48 – The 10-5-3 Rule

11:52 – Move from stock to bonds as you get older 

14:11 – Make it to $1 million and you’re ready to retire.   

17:28 – You’ll need less income in retirement than when you’re working.

20:36 – Don’t generally follow any rules of thumb in retirement planning. Map it out.


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