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Everything much easier in hindsight and that’s absolutely true with financial planning. Unfortunately, we don’t have the benefit of that 20/20 vision and have to rely on what we’ve learned from past experiences.

Today we’re going to look at the common things we might hear from people if they could go back and do something differently.

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3:42 – I got scared after the market crashed and put my money in cash. Now I’ve missed the big run up in the market.   

6:50 – I didn’t realize how much risk I was taking on.

9:30 – I didn’t understand my options with Social Security and I should have waited to start taking it later.

11:17 – I should have put more money into a Roth IRA rather than saving so much in my 401k.

13:45 – I probably retired too early and I might need to go back to work.

15:36 – Mailbag question: I’m getting a big tax refund and have for the last several years. Am I better off keeping more money throughout the year?


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