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Learn about investing from the hit TV show ‘Billions.’ Find out why market timing simply doesn’t work.

First Things First:

The Real Deal:

What Is ‘Billions?’

  • 9:33 – ‘Billions’ is a television show about a hedge fund manager who consistently beats the market and makes billions of dollars. However, he probably does some shady things along the way. In a recent episode, a character discovers information that will influence market activity. While this is Hollywood, the professionals on Wall Street try to predict market movements on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they’re often wrong, and for the record, insider trading is illegal.

What Does This Have To Do With Me?

  • 12:34 – While we’re not suggesting you engage in sketchy activity, we have noticed you often asking for tips to help you take advantage of the latest hot stock. The problem is, this isn’t an efficient investing strategy. It’s not about timing the market or finding a “get rich quick” scheme. Sound investing principles involve long-term strategies. You also need to work with a fiduciary who will work in your best interest.

Why Is Working With A Fiduciary Important?

  • 13:33  – The average investor doesn’t understand the intricacies of an investment fund. In trying to find the latest and greatest investment, most investors will do more harm than good in the process. It’s your advisor’s job to work as your fiduciary and help you make wise investing decisions.
  •  14:02 – A recent Dalbar report suggests the markets are best left unfettered. When you try to time the market, you tend to underperform it as a result.

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