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A sound financial plan will generate income throughout your retirement. However, if your portfolio is solely linked to the stock market, you could find yourself without a paycheck during a market correction. Develop a volatility buffer that will protect your income needs.

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Accumulation Versus Distribution?

  • 01:20 – Many of you have focused so much on accumulating assets that you’ve failed to develop a plan for how to distribute them in retirement. Rising healthcare costs, inflation, and market volatility will eat into your portfolio. If you’re not careful, you’ll run out of money before you make your exit from this earth. A distribution plan will help you to maximize your retirement savings.

What Is A Volatility Buffer?

  • 4:18 – A volatility buffer is a tool for helping you develop a distribution plan. It pairs non-correlated income (income that’s not dependent on the stock market) like life insurance with your accumulated investments to maximize the income you can generate in retirement.

Why Use A Volatility Buffer?

  • 8:06 – If your portfolio solely consists of correlated assets (assets that are dependent on the stock market), then when the markets take a dive you’re going to lose money. When you lose money, you won’t be able to generate the income you need to live on in retirement. A volatility buffer takes away your dependence on market movement by pairing invested assets with that non-correlated income.

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