As many of you are aware several years ago Patterson CPA Group registered as an investment advisor with the State of Florida, our goal then, as it is as now, is to provide clients with objective investment opportunities that you cannot receive from other advisors.

We believe that as a CPA firm we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients investment advice on an objective basis and provide access to tools and strategies that you cannot find at other firms.

In light of this we created Patterson Financial, which is a unique fusion of tax, investment, and retirement income planning. We are always striving to bring more value to our clients and to be a unique resource that you cannot find at other firms. 

With this in mind we have partnered with Horter Investment Management, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio, a Registered Investment Advisor for over 25 years and a wonderful resource for our firm and our clients. As a registered investment advisor I have a fiduciary responsibility to always put what is in your best interests first. I have spent well over a year researching, reviewing, and analyzing Horter’s investment strategies and the process they use to vet and hire money managers. Needless to say I’m impressed.

The main reasons that I have decided to add this to my practice are:

  • We can offer you a tactical investment management platform that is designed to create low risk, low volatility portfolios. The managers of these platforms strive to be defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times. While some many local financial advisors still subscribe to a buy and hold strategy, I am not one of them. Having witnessed the carnage of the early 2000s and 2008 my belief is that tactical portfolios are now a must for any investor that is in or nearing retirement. The portfolios we will offer through Horter will still have risk, our goal is to mitigate that risk through tactical strategies that take advantage of market conditions.
  • We will be working with Private Wealth Managers that are 100% liquid, meaning they can go to cash at any time, and will help keep you out of harm’s way. These private wealth mangers are not accessible through the large brokerage firms and this is a unique opportunity for our clients to have access to an exclusive list of private money managers.
  • We are a fee-based advisor, which means that you will not pay sales commissions on transactions but rather will pay an investment advisory fee that is calculated based on account assets under management. As a fee based advisor we a fiduciary obligation to our clients, which means we are obligated by law to place your interest ahead of our own.

The process of determining the best investment option for our clients is so simple it’s scary. Here’s how it works:

  1. Determine your risk number. This is like a sleep number for investing.
  2. Review your existing portfolio to determine if your portfolio and risk number are aligned. If they are, we stop no need to do anything further.
  3. If they’re not aligned we then build a comparison of your existing portfolio and our portfolio that does align with your risk number. This is where most clients get pretty excited.
  4. We let the numbers tell the story and you decide what to do.

I am thrilled to be able to share this opportunity with my clients and provide low risk, low volatility portfolios that use tactical management strategies.

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